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Vaughan's 67 Aussie Beetle

Thanks for Dropping in on my Daily Driver Site

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Now on the road from 7 Nov 2001

This photo was taken on 7/11/01. This was the car's first day out of the shed with all the body panels on.

Oh to fweem again!

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Most Beetle sites I see on the internet are chronological restorations. While it is my ambition to do a full pan off resto at some stage (when I have more money) I thought I would start a site detailing the trials and tributlations of the Daily Driver.

My story starts with an Aussie built 67 that I bought unregistered for $900 Australian. On current foreign exchange rates that's about $1.60 US (foreign currency pun).

I am almost virginal to most things Beetle, technologically speaking. So this site will detail the travel from ignorance to enlightenment, from unroadworthiness to roadworthiness and beyond !

Now on the road 9-Nov-01

See the '67 in motion

You need Windows Media Player to view video footage.

Early VW ad (You'll need Quicktime to view it)